Monday, July 6, 2009

Flat Box Chain Maille Weave

I'm back! Here is the first chain I've made since my "nuisance" wrist fracture. I decided to only do a bit at first to see how things would go. They went well. Actually, I ran out of rings.

The regular Box chain weave has never looked right to me. I've tried 18 gauge 5mm, 4.5mm and several others. The weave is OK but does not fall correctly with out some maneuvering only to need more maneuvering to keep it right. Well, that is my opinion but I have several bracelets made with sizes that were recommended and I still had the problem.

Then I found a book by Becky Goga called Chains by Becky. She had the answer for me. A pattern she calls Flat Box chain. It calls for 2 different sizes of rings. 18 gauge / 5mm and 18 gauge / 4mm. I really like the results.

It is my intention to add some lampwork beads in the center so it will match a necklace I have already made in the Flat Box weave.

Aren't those beads pretty? They are made by Sherry Ploof. I met Sherry several years ago at a bead show in Mansfield, MA. I saw her again this spring. I've ordered some beads to match the necklace.

I'll post the finished bracelet when I get the rings and beads. It feels good to be back jewelry designing again.

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  1. I really like this pattern: simple, but elegant. Glad you are back to jewelry making. I had taken an unintentional break from blogging due to a storm taking out my internet and computer. I've missed visiting all my fav. blogs. It is indeed good to be back.

  2. I really like the pattern too. It works up fast and if you know the Box weave you just alternate the two sizes.
    I did wonder where you were. I've noticed a lot of bloggers are missing lately. Summer maybe.

  3. I think blog stats are down all over, you're right I think - summer.

  4. Welcome back to jewelry making! So glad to hear your hand is much better. If you can chain maille, you're probably all healed up!

    The tip on two ring sizes is brilliant! I would not have thought to try that.

  5. Great weave! When I made my first box chain I wondered, why there are different recommended ARs for rectangle and square box chain. But I like the idea with two different diameters. Thanks for sharing!