Friday, July 17, 2009

Flat Box Chain Maille bracelet

Remember an earlier post where I showed a Flat Box Chain Maille necklace? If not you can see it here. A necklace usually needs a matching bracelet.

I contacted Sherry Ploof to see if she had some matching focal beads. She made some for me and sent me several sizes to choose from. What a gal! Check out her web site.

I used the same clasp to make it a set and a smaller version of Sherry's lampwork bead to match the necklace. Here is the result.

These beads are so pretty. Here is a close up.

Next comes matching earrings. That is harder than it seems it should be. I'll show the results (when finished)

Any comments?

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  1. Just lovely! But then I am a fan of your chain maille jewelry. The focal bead is sure to please people who love blue.