Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Reunion Part 2 - The two cakes

I said I'd tell the story about the two cakes in my post yesterday. So, here goes.

It is one of those "family" stories. My kids take delight in telling the story about their parents. My son does the best job as he is very good at story telling, especially if the story can be embellished.

When we were first married I made a two layer cake. It lasted a long time for just the two of us so my husband suggested I make a one layer cake, cut it in half and we'd have a nice smaller cake.

So, I made a one layer cake and cut it in half. (This is where telling the story in person makes it much better - so you can see how I cut the cake) I frosted the two layers and proudly served it for dessert. I was very chagrined when my husband asked

"What the heck happened to the cake?"

This was the first of the many times that we have interpreted things in a different manner.

My cake looked like this:

What he was expecting was a cake that looked like this:

Minus the beer bottle. Well, maybe a beer would have helped. (Just don't have a current picture with out the bottle in the picture, sorry)

It does show that people are apt to look at the same situation in different ways. You can cut a cake in a horizontal fashion as I did or a vertical fashion as my husband expected.

Funny when ever the story is told, the reaction that the listeners give to the different methods of cutting the cake is about equal.

Which way would you have cut the cake? Be honest now.

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  1. Honestly when I read what he suggested - I pictured the cake in the bottom pic. I didn't exactly understand how you had done it at first but when the light went on - Bev - your way is much harder!!