Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Circles Delight

Circles Delight

I promised to show you the, now finished, new necklace I told you about last week. It uses the same circles I used in the earrings and pendant. Different arrangement of course and a few additions.
Here is a close up of the focal section. I do have it listed on the website with a special Introductory price. 
Since the necklace is really a special order because you choose the colors of the Swarovski crystals, I decided an Introductory price would help get the ball rolling, so to speak. I have three shows scheduled in the near future plus I need to get busy working on the upcoming gift season. My need is your saving.
The necklace shown is for my grandchildren's birthstones. (You can see December is a popular month in the family) There are seven but any arrangement would look nice. You can have a larger or different shape for the parents, or just favorite colors. The choices are limited only to your imagination.

Let me know what your choice is, I'll be ready.
 Until next week,

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