Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends
Looking at the new spring jewelry trends has always been a fun thing to do, for me anyhow. I know sometimes it is just to make fun of how sort of ridiculous they are but often I find some nice ideas.

One of the accessories that stands out this year is BOLD sunglasses. These are from Elie Saab and are rather tame. But I liked the earrings she is wearing with them.
Another trend is hats. I'm not sure she can see where she is going.  This one is by Christian Dior.

These are by Emilio Pucci

Another trend is large, bold belts. This one by Loewe.
This by Balmain

OK, now on to some jewelry. Some nice statement earrings.
These are by Valentino. They look light and airy.
This combines the sunglasses trend and the idea of not wearing matching earrings from last year.
Everything is in this one by Dsquared2. Earrings, necklace...
I like these earrings, a little smaller perhaps but the colors and shapes are nice. By Missoni.

I could go on but if you would like to see more you can by following this link to an article by Justine Carreon  from Elle

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