Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fiber Kumihimo Necklace with a Heart

Fiber Kumihimo Necklace
with a Heart
Last week, we were on Cape Cod for Thanksgiving week. We celebrated with about 15 family members with the usual Pinochle games, ping pong, Oh - Hell, Sequence, more Pinochle and of course eating.
I took along a bag full of jewelry projects and managed to make two - three wrap leather bracelets.
My main project, however, was to make a Fiber Kumihimo necklace to go with a heart shaped pendant I had in my stash. Before we left, I made a trip to our local yarn shop, Auntie Zaza's Fiber Works.
I noticed, when I had visited before, that she had some long samples of yarn in various textures and colors. Perfect for my current project. I picked out two bundles and brought them with me to the Cape.
Our family did not arrive until Tuesday so I had time to "play". And play I did. It took five different tries to get a color mixture I liked.
Finally, I loaded up my Kumihimo disk and the first inch (my test patch) looked good with the Heart Pendant. I now had a project to work on watching TV or just chatting with family. I finished the length needed but I needed to add the pendant (that took some fiddling) and the clasp.
And the results:

It is hard to see in the picture but it is a combination of several violets and purple with a hint of green in both the necklace and pendant. I added several strands that I had from previous projects.
I have two more similar pendants and may make more like this one.
Oh, yes the other combination. It may take longer to choose colors and find a pendant. I wonder what that one will look like?
It should be fun figuring it out though.

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