Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bermuda Triangle and some snow


You may have heard that we had some snow here last week. And we are having more today.

That is New England. Nice to be retired and not really have to go anywhere. Schools closed so all of the house hold is home, too.

So, what do you do in a big snow storm? Make some jewelry. The rest of the family worked on removing the snow. :-)

You remember the Bling I featured recently? I found some gorgeous Swarovski triangle shaped beads. I made a pendant and some matching earrings. The color is Bermuda Blue, thus Bermuda Triangle for the name of the set. So, more Bling for spring. Sorry about the rhyme, it just came out.

The chain is silver filled, 18 inches long. But as you know I'm willing to change the chain to a length you might prefer.

Ear wires are silver.

I've added them to my website.

So, do you like the new bling?

Until next time,


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