Monday, March 11, 2013

New Earrings

I really used to enjoy the "A Team" and especially when John "Hannibal" Smith would say "I love it when a plan comes together."
Last week I gave you a hint what I was up to. (Making new earrings). One of you even purchased the ones I showed on Facebook.
These are really nice, aren't they?
Now I know many of you do not like long dangly earrings. These are 2 inches long BUT they are very light.
You will not know they are on.
So, what's this about a plan coming together? OK, I'll tell you.
I took a class at pflora beads awhile ago and learned how to make an earring design called "Twist and Curve" I made several pairs in that style.
Including this one:
Do you see the difference/similarity?
One more piece to the pie is another pair of earrings I made using a pattern from pflora beads. They are called "Balloon" earrings.
While we were away on vacation 2 weeks ago, I took my drill and wire with me. I love twisting wire with my drill. mrooommmm....mroommmmm....  While away I twisted lots of wire and turned some into the above "balloon" shapes. Probably more accurately a "tear drop" shape.
After we got back home I was showing my friend what I had made so far. We played with the twisted pieces and some beads I had on hand. (This is the way new designs are made) The "what ifs" flew. And we came up with the top picture. It combines one of my Twist and Curve earrings and one of my twisted balloons aka tear drop shape. The plan came together!
While on a roll. I decided to make a different pair.
Even now, as I look at it, I'm thinking I would like the bead to be on the little longer curve. I'll have to try it.
How would you change it?   The choices are endless. There are blue stones, green ones, black ones, round ones, bigger ones and so on and so forth.
Do you have a favorite color or shape???
Would you like them a bit shorter, longer? What would your choice be?
I'm thinking I could make some square wire shapes too.
I've made some round wires and even a single tear drop that is only an inch and has no beads, just the tear drop shape. I like it.
OK, I've shown you some new designs. What do you think of them? Do you have a favorite? Would you like something different?
Check out the earrings on the Ring by Ring Designs website.Then:
Let me know what you would like and I'll do my best to make what you want.

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