Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Guys Fossils
Part 2
Friday, one of my beading buddies and I went to visit Al at Two Guys Fossils again.
The pieces I showed in last week's post have been quite popular. The Amethyst button sold as a gift for a person with a February birthday. That of course gave me the excuse to purchase some more.
I also, tried to wire wrap several of the stones I had purchased before. Well, as with most new techniques, the results were not great but with each try I learned something new. I won't bore you with the details (plus it is too hard to explain) but I needed to get more stones to try again. I did learn what kind of stone to look for in shape and probably more important, had a better idea what not to purchase.

Here are some pieces I found. They are fairly flat and have some interesting shapes with out being extremely odd shaped.
I've been thinking about something to add to the cross but it is still percolating. So when I find some time, my next project will be to wire wrap one of these stones. Haven't decided which one to start with. It seems I really like hematite ... One lonely lapis lazuli sits there too.

Since the Amethyst was sold, here are some replacements. Each one is a little different in shape and in depth of color. The one on the right is the one sold but the other two are available if anyone is interested.
You can check the pieces available here:
Malachite, or

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