Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Blizzard 2013
Many of you are also in the northeast and probably had as much snow or more than we did. It has been awhile around here, in south eastern MA, since we have had this much snow.

This is the view from our door on the driveway. Fortunately, our cars are in the garage. My daughter and son-in-law's cars were out. The official snow fall in our town was 23 inches but many around us got more. We are just down the street from the DPW and get our street plowed regularly. In fact, on Friday when it started snowing, I counted 15 plows going by our house before I stopped counting. We were, also, very fortunate to not loose electricity. Many are still without. They are cold and some have no water. Though there are warming places,  they still are hoping for lights soon!
Pathway started from our house to the  cars in the driveway.

With it snowing hard on Friday, I decided it would be a good time to practice my wire wrapping. Boy, I'm still learning. Here is one piece I'll even show you.

I'm not a fan of swirls and curly cues in wire wrapping but I did some anyway. While my wire wrapping skills are getting better, I need to work on my design skills for wrapping. At least to make me happy with the results
I have one Amethyst button left, the darker colored one. Of course, I can always take a short trip to my buddy at Two Guys Fossils for more.
Malachite, or


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