Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Golden Raspberry
Kumihimo Bracelet

While on Thanksgiving vacation on Cape Cod last week, I made 3 new Kumihimo Bracelets. Two are similar to others I've made and one is quite different. I'm featuring the different one this week. (Actually, I haven't really finished the other two.  My reason for the feature - is because this bracelet is different, and I'm sticking to it!)
You may recognize it as the bracelet I showed under construction last week.
However, I was able to get a better picture of the lovely colors at home and show the hammered Antique Brass toggle clasp I found for the finish. Though nothing is like seeing it in person.
The other two should be finished next week. In the mean time you can see more information by clicking on the pictures or clicking here: Golden Raspberry bracelet and go to my website.
(Always remember you can email me anytime, if your prefer)
Until my Friday Special and next week,


  1. These bracelet are very simple but designed in such an antique way that no one can stop admiring you. Here we can see varieties of Victorian bracelet that are made by using emeralds, rubies, topaz, pearls and other gem stones that increase its look of elegance.