Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glass Dome Pendant Ideas

Glass Dome Pendants
Let's come up with some new ideas
Last February I started making Glass Dome Pendants. Because they are so versatile, it is hard to show everyone what can be done with them. The designs are endless and are only limited by our imagination.
I started looking at various pictures and found some "themes". Japanese symbols, flowers, Kaleidoscope designs and various others. You can see some of my choices on my website.
Here is one of the Japanese designs for "Peace". I get compliments when I wear this one. Plus being asked "What does it mean?"
Here is one of the flowers that I chose to make. One of my favorites. See more here
At the two craft fairs I attended lately, there was a lot of interest in the designs I have. But as I talked to the people (that is one thing I love about being at craft fairs - the interaction with my customers) I found they had some other requests. Since then, I've sold some "special" pendants. Children's pictures - gifts for grandparents, pets - gifts for ?? or themselves. So that made me wonder what suggestions will all of you, my newsletter followers, come up with. Thus, this post asking for your suggestions.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the ability to have these pendants used as fundraisers. My friend, Melanie, requested a blue paw print to sell at her school. The school mascot is the "Hancock Huskies"
And of course, the "Parkview Panda" mascot. Pandas are popular in general, of course. And this one is so cute. (Parkview is the school my youngest grandson attends)
You see where this could go? I have another request for the local high school marching band to raise money for trips etc. They sell for $15 (a good price point) and profit is $5 per pendant. Beats magazines and candy bars.  ;-)
Think of the little girls who love dancing, kitties, dogs or play music. Here is the link again to the ones I already have.
Just a quick note about the pictures. Most do not have the glass dome in the picture because of the glare in taking the picture. Hope that is not confusing to you. All will have a glass dome. It does tend to magnify the picture a bit, too.

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