Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spring Colors

Spring Colors
Pantone recommendations
Let me first thank those who responded with answers to my questions last week. It is very helpful. (If you did not have a chance to respond, I would still like to hear from you.)
Last fall, I had a post entitled Matching your jewelry. I shared the predicted colors for fall as recommended by Pantone, the be all end all of color in both fashion and for the home.
You may like to know that 2012 Color of the Year is Pantone's Color "Tangerine Tango". It is a great color but doesn't personally excite me as that color doesn't look good on me. But it will explain why you will start seeing it a lot in spring and summer clothes.
There are other colors recommended, too, such as Solar Power and Bellflower.
That is a bright yellow!
Another combination is Cabaret and Sodalite Blue. Ah, these are more my colors.
You can see more color choices and how designers are using these colors for spring at the Pantone site  It is really packed with interesting information. (They have the spring colors for men again, too)
I found the color Sodalite Blue interesting as Sodalite is one of my favorite gemstones. The color is very much like the more expensive Lapis Luzuli. Both have streaks of white. In Egyptian times, Lapis Lazuli was worth more than gold. Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli are supposed to give you inner healing and help clear and calm the mind.
One of my favorite bracelets is a memory wire bracelet made with Sodalite chips and pearls. It is a one size fits most, too.  (I don't have it on my site, but if you are interested, send me an email.)
I've shared my likes and dislikes pertaining to the new colors for Spring. Do you find any of these colors interesting? Don't like them?  I'd love to hear you thoughts.
The several new pieces in the works are still in the works. Hopefully, I'll have them finished by next week. (I had several orders and they take precedence over new things. Nice problem...)
Until this Friday's special and next week,
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