Thursday, January 19, 2012

Double Link Copper Bracelet

Double Link Copper Necklace
with Olivine and Window Coins

Finally, I have progressed on my project of a new necklace to where I can show everyone. It looks finished but there are a few "do-overs" required. I agree it really doesn't show in the picture but trust me, some of the wire work is ugly. While making a piece, the design comes first then the "neatness". At least for me, especially, in this case.

The colors need to be moved around too. Notice there are three beads all in a row? Not what I would like to see. So, while the wire do-overs are being done, I plan to rearrange some beads too.

Here is a close up of the dangles and maybe you can see the changes that I'm talking about better.

Here is a close up of the clasp and chain in the back. There is a sun on the ring.

This is a rather different type of necklace for me. It is bold and chunky - and not silver. Please let me know if you like this direction or this particular necklace. Double Link Copper necklace is available on Ring by Ring Designs website.

I've also been working on a new pin in the Lexie Jewelry line. It should be at least designed soon. I've had some problems finding parts that would work with our design.  Stay tuned.

There is also a seed bead bracelet I'm working on that is a little frustrating. Only because I'm really not a big fan of using seed beads. That is called an "attitude" problem. But I'm determined as I like the results - should I get to that point.  ;-)

Purchase the new Double Link Copper Necklace here

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  1. Hey Bev, just stumbled upon your blog. Great work! BTW, did you see my question on FB about what AR to use for Jens Pind, so it stays as a spiral?

    1. Thanks.
      I did respond to the FB question. (Not always easy to find replies! I suggested you check out Urban Maille's suggestions. That's where I got my information. I use 16 gauge 3.75 mm as the best choice for JPL. (16 gauge AWG) Not sure what you are using for gauge. email me with any other questions.