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(I have two)

Actually, I have a total of seven grandchildren. So, if I have two grand daughters, I must have five grandsons. ;-)  While I really love them all, as a jewelry designer, having two granddaughters, is really nice. Plus they are getting old enough to wear and appreciate jewelry. I hope they will like what Grandma makes. Grandsons definitely have different desires.

Jewelry designing is something I picked up from my parents and the love of making jewelry for others,  especially for granddaughters.

Some of you know that my Mother, and Dad, too, used to make jewelry. During WWII, my Mother made jewelry using shells. Even Costume jewelry was not readily available then. She was able to find a supplier in Florida that carried shells.  Her cousin worked at Eastman Kodak where she had access to working women who had some extra money and had a place to wear jewelry. So, my mother would make pins and earrings from shells and her cousin would sell them for her. One memory I have of the jewelry sales was that she saved her money and purchased a vacuum cleaner. It cost $89! She had that vacuum cleaner for quite a long time. Very exciting purchase!

Then in the 70's they both made jewelry. Mostly out of pearls. Dad made necklaces and bracelets. And my Mother crocheted long ropes. (One of my beading buddies is very proficient with that method now.) I have many of their pieces but don't have any good pictures.

Anyhow, I just finished a pretty pink bracelet for my youngest granddaughter. She just turned six. While I'm told she loves jewelry, I was also told that she is very hard on it. So, I decided to make a Memory Wire bracelet. The Memory Wire is very strong. The bracelet has two wraps and to make it special for her I added her name and a little heart charm. Hope she likes it.

Remember the Frog bracelet?

It turns out that my out that the mascot for the school of my other granddaughter, is the Frog. So, guess what she will be receiving for Christmas? Again, I hope she likes it.

And so it goes with presents for special people. You're glad when you find something that you think is appropriate and something they will like.  This is the fun of finding just the "right" gift.

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Of course, you know that I have more pieces than show in my shop, so if you have seen something not there or if you would like something different, please contact me with your request.

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  1. I am sure the girls will love the bracelets you made! Who doesn't like getting jewelry as gifts? Maybe you could make some boyish necklaces for your grandsons so they won't be left out!