Monday, December 7, 2009

Glass Caterpillar bracelet

I've been talking to myself, again. That always happens when I start a new Chain Maille weave. This one caught my eye when I was reading some posts on Yahoo's Chain Maille forum. The question was "Where can I get those little doughnuts for a caterpillar bracelet". Someone suggested Blue Buddha. I recently blogged about a necklace that I recently purchased from them. I was very satisfied with the kit and now have a nice necklace (Jacob's DNA Ladder)

Anyhow, I went to their web site and found a kit for "Glass Caterpillar". My, what a pretty bracelet. So, I ordered the kit and started to make it as soon as it was delivered.

The instructions are very good and given in "stages". The above picture is prepping for stage one.

Here is stage one. Already looking like a caterpillar. I chose cobalt blue discs and little beads.

So far so good. I always have fun learning a new weave. Other than the discs this is similar to other weaves I have made before.

Here is the beginning of Stage two, adding the little beads.

Next is to add beads on the other side and finish.

I'll cover that tomorrow. (I need a break from talking to myself - never realized I did that before)

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  1. I like this one even better than the DNA weave. Very inspirational!

  2. Need a break from talking to yourself? Lol! I talk to myself all the time - and I enjoy the conversations!

    Love the look of this bracelet - want to see more pictures!