Friday, September 4, 2009

Lexie's update

This post is just to share good news about Lexie's latest test results and the decisions of her doctors.

Like most of us, waiting for the full results of tests can be very unnerving to say the least. In this case it seems even more so.

I'll quote Alice Williams' Caring Bridge journal post because I want to get it right. The bottom line is good but the particulars are a bit confusing. You can read the whole post here.

"Glee !!! Ecstasy !!! Supreme Joy !!!
We are Elated tonight in our house!!!!!
After waiting over two hours past the time when Lexie's nurse oncologist was supposed to call regarding the Tumor Board results, which was an agonizing period of time in which I kept Breathing and Breathing, Lexie's Oncologist Himself called, and we spoke for over an hour !!!

The fabulous, stupendous, news is that the Tumor board does acknowledge that over the past two years, based on the scans they have, the tumor does Measure somewhat larger... BUT, they can NOT find solid tumor changes that can be measured, but think perhaps the cysts have shifted (she has numerous cystic components in her large tumor), so they are going to give the situation Time !!!! We Bought TIME , my friends , and that is a MIRACLE !!!! The suggestion is to re-scan in 6, Yes, 6 months !!!!

AND, they now agree that we can move forward with the corrective Eye surgery that we have been holding off on for the past year !!! To say Lexie is Happy is an understatement
-She is in Ecstasy, jumping Up and Down in our kitchen !!!!
She wants so badly to get her eye fixed, and she can't Even believe her good fortune in Evading chemo for another while !!!! She is in Total Celebration Mode- Fish Food ice cream and Brownies are on the horizon !!!"


Great news that I just had to share.

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  1. It is a miracle!!! That's wonderful news and thanks for sharing. Lexie so deserves this.

  2. Oh that's terrific news! Thanks for sharing!