Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon
next Monday 4/16/2012
For the last 5 years, my friend, Melanie Horris, has run the Boston Marathon in honor of her patient partner, Lexie Williams. Each year Melanie has said (after the race) "This is the last one!"
And, yes she has already said that this year. (I'm thinking she may really mean it this year)
It is a grueling 26+ miles over hills and dales. Just the training would be more than I could take!
However, she has raised a lot of money each year from her donors in support of both Melanie, Lexie and the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute. Her goal this year is $10,000)
In 2007, Melanie approached me with the idea of making a meaningful bracelet to help raise money for her Boston Marathon run and the Dana Farber. We put our heads together and involved Lexie too.
Our first piece was Lexie's bracelet. It is made with five different colors of Swarovski Pearls and Bali Silver spacers. It is 7 ½ inches long and has a lobster claw clasp and a 2 inch extender for easy fit. The meaning of the colors in Lexie's Bracelet were chosen by Lexie.  (Click on the link above to see more)
The success of the first Lexie Bracelet and its extended pieces (earrings, necklace etc) was wonderful. We raised over $4,000 for cancer research.
Each year, together, we have designed a piece of jewelry in Lexie's honor. A portion of the proceeds has gone to the Dana-Farber. This year's piece is Wings of Hope.
The white Swarovski Pearls used, have the same meaning of HOPE as in the original bracelet.
The pendant is strung on an 18 inch silver plate Snake chain. (It is also available on a 20 inch chain)
Not only does she run but she sells the jewelry too. Keeps me busy!
This year we accidentally found another piece to add. The Hancock Husky. You've seen the Glass Dome Pendants? Well, this is a blue paw print representing the Hancock Huskies. (The school where Melanie teaches) The kids at the Hancock school love them and with their purchases, they are, also, supporting the Dana Farber and Melanie's run.
I love it when a (non) plan comes together!
(The Glass Dome pendants are ready for any fundraiser events you may need or know about. Many designs can be made)
Her bib number for this year's race is 21385. If you would like to follow her progress year, you can go to her page where you can read about her reasons for running.
All of the pieces in the Lexie Line of jewelry can be purchased by contacting me, Melanie or on the Ring by Ring Designs website.
We all appreciate your past support!
Until this Friday's special and next week,

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  1. My brother said this after every single half marathon he ran. And is still running. *lol* So I think running is addiction.