Saturday, April 3, 2010

I won some Pliers!

Charlene Anderson offered some pliers for posting on her blog recently. I always need pliers so, I posted. Amazingly, I received an email from her the other day saying I WON!

Now, I'm not one of those people who always win things like that, in fact the last thing I remember winning was a box of sweet cherries when I was 10. (I hate to figure how long ago that was)

I follow Charlene on Twitter and saw her post about the contest. Her blog is here. I wish I had more time to follow all the interesting blogs out there but Charlene's is worth taking the time. (Oh, I have several others too)

A funny side note: I usually wake up early and "think". I get some of my best ideas then. This morning I was thinking about the fact that I always seem to misspell pliers. I'm forever getting words underlined in red. You know those words that you are given the hint are not in the dictionary. It is a form of spell checking. Plyers gets underlined. Looks good to me.

Which brings (finally) me to the thought I had this morning. Plyer is a word but not the tool. Pliers (plural) is the word. That reminded me (remember I just woke up) of the rule I learned in school about plurals ending in "y". Change the "y" to "i" and add "es". Except words that have a vowel before the "y" as in monkey/monkeys. Thus Pliers. OK, I can now remember how to spell the tool name. Those rules do come in handy.

But why is is plural? Is each one of those straight pieces a "plyer". And why do they say a "pair of pliers" when in fact it is only one tool? Some of the things I think about when I first wake up (notice I did not say get up)

Anyhow, check out Charlene's blog and other web sites.

And thanks for the pliers Charlene. (I'll post more when I receive them)

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  1. Congratulations! There is no such thing as too many pliers! I seem to misplace some of mine a lot.

  2. Oh my. Wonderful win! But why is the word plural? No idea.

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