Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bird of Paradise Blossom

If you live in Florida or other warm states, this may not be impressive to you. But here in the northeast, this blossom is great to see especially, in the deep winter.

I've posted pictures of this before but every year it seems to be another "miracle". My brother-in-law brought back some Bird of Paradise seeds just before our oldest daughter was born. (I won't give the date away) My Mother-in-law planted them and after they sprouted, gave one to each of her kids. Slowly they gave out but ours flourished. Then one day we had a blossom. The plant was only a few feet tall. But the blossom was magnificent. Since then the plant has grown, been divided many times, sprouts given away and moved to its current container, a large green garbage can.

We found out that they have long tap roots and will grow larger if you will put them in a larger container. Needless to say, we stopped putting the plant in a larger container. Somehow, a large garbage container is enough!

We put it outside in the summer and bring it back in in the fall. A big reason to not have a larger container. The process involves a large dolly (bag truck) to move it and boards to act as a ramp for the steps to the outside. We are fortunate to have a very wide front door for the project.

Still every blossom is welcomed (not so much on moving day)

B and


  1. Your Birds of Paradise are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Jude

  2. Wonderful, Bev!! I'm envious. I also have one, grown from seed. It's roughly 15 years old now, so I'm thinking that it's due!
    It has a sprout of some sort on it now. I have almost convinced myself that "it doesn't look like a leaf"... :)

    I'm just a bit South of Boston. Do the same as you - out in summer, in a sunny room for winter.

    Hoping and waiting,
    - Alan

  3. Thanks Jude and Alan. We really enjoy the huge thing. More so when it blooms. Been quite a conversation piece in our living room. It sits in front of my designing space and I can just look up and enjoy the bloom.
    Alan, my husband waters the plant in the summer with a high phosphorus fertilizer called "Bloom". Plus the bright shade area. Hope it isn't a leaf!