Monday, July 28, 2008

Jewelry Photography

Well, I know this is not a good picture of Lexie’s bracelet. However, I’m posting it to make a point. Taking pictures of jewelry is not easy to say the least. The jewelry pieces are apt to be shiny, small and if you want to isolate the pieces on a (really) white background so the piece seems to have no background - forget it! Well, not really forget it but it is very hard. That is especially if you want a true picture of your piece. See you can get a white background, if you don’t really care if the picture looks like what the piece really looks like.
I’ve learned most of my picture taking information from the Internet, my husband and my son-in-law. Somehow, the latter two have given me some help but apparently they don’t know exactly how to get a white background either. They have helped me to understand ISO, depth of field and shutter speed. Good things to know for a person who is usually just a point and shoot picture taker. Well, my Internet exploring has lead me to one conclusion, even professional photographers don’t know or will admit that taking a picture of jewelry with a white background is very hard.
I found a series of videos on the Internet by Michael Seto, a professional photographer in New York City who explains how to take photographs of jewelry. Thanks Michael. Now I just need t make a “set up” as he suggests and take more pictures. I’m still working on finding the equipment I need to work with. (See, it isn’t easy! Especially for a point and shoot photographer)
As I progress, I’ll share more pictures. Assuming I get good ones.

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